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The author of this website has used a so-called controlled language in order to write this text in the German language. Afterwards, a machine translation system has translated the German text into the English language. Finally, a human translator has corrected the translation mistakes of the machine translation software. The correction process required considerably less time than a traditional human translation process.




Uwe Muegge has more than ten years of experience in the language industry. Uwe Muegge has worked in many functions, both as a contractor and an employee. Uwe Muegge has worked as an author, translator, consultant, terminologist, project manager Uwe Mueggeand trainer. Uwe Muegge is a pioneer in the domain of automatic language processing, where Uwe Muegge has made multiple inventions. In addition, Uwe Muegge writes regularly about translation technology and translation quality. Uwe Muegge currently works for CSOFT, one of the world's leading translation companies. Uwe Muegge also teaches at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, the leading training institution for translators in the United States, where Uwe Muegge teaches Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology Management.


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Selected Clients (Past and Present).

  • Across Systems.

  • Daimler.

  • IBM.

  • Honeywell.

  • J.D. Edwards.

  • Merrill Brink International.

  • Medtronic.

  • SAP.

  • Sun Microsystems.

  • Trados.


Membership in Professional Associations (Past and Present).

  • American Translators Association (ATA).

  • German Translators Association (BDÜ).

  • German Association of Freelance Copywriters (FFW).

  • German Association of Technical Communicators (tekom).

  • Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA).

  • The Institute of Localization Professionals (TILP).


Professional Experience: Translation Tools.

  • Content management systems.

  • Authoring memory systems.

  • Controlled language checkers.

  • Translation memory systems.

  • Machine translation systems.

  • Translation workflow systems.

  • Software localization systems.

  • Terminology management systems.

  • Automatic quality assurance checkers.



Professional Experience: Translation Processes.

  • Simship.

  • Writing for translation.

  • Controlled language authoring.

  • Integration of translation memory systems and machine translation systems.

  • Terminology data modeling.

  • Normalization of terminology data.

  • Normalization of translation memories.

  • Automatic dictionary creation.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO).


Professional Experience: College Teaching.

  • Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey
    Professor: Computer-Assisted Translation, Terminology Management.

  • Lessius Hogeschool, Antwerp (Belgium)
    Guest Lecturer: Translation Workflows.

  • Internationales Hochschulinstitut, Lindau (Germany)
    Adjunct Professor: Translation Management and Terminology.

  • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul
    Member of Curriculum Development Group: Translation Program.


Contact Information.

  • E-mail: info (at)












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