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The author of this website has used a so-called controlled language in order to write this text in the German language. Afterwards, a machine translation system has translated the German text into the English language. Finally, a human translator has corrected the translation mistakes of the machine translation software. The correction process required considerably less time than a traditional human translation process.


Produce a virtual version of this website in another language.

A machine translation system translates this entire website instantly.

The author of this website has used a so-called controlled language in order to write this website. This website is suitable for machine translation.

Click on the desired languages in order to translate this website with the machine translation system from Systran.


Machine translation.

Machine translation is an interesting technology for human translators.

It is a fact: Machine translation software can translate texts very quickly. The question is: Are these machine translations perfect? And the answer is: Machine translations are not always perfect. But human translators can correct mistakes in these machine translations very quickly. This website demonstrates how human translators can use machine translation software in order to improve their translation processes. [more]


Translation contract.

Now available as a PDF document.

Translation Contract

Translators and translation customers must understand their roles and responsibilities before they begin a translation project.

  • Who are the readers of a text, and what is the text's function?

  • What is the desired translation quality level?

  • Which dictionaries should the translators use?

These questions are examples of specifications that belong in every translation contract.

"Translation Contract" is based on the most important standards for translation contracts (EN 15038, DIN 2345, ASTM F15.48 - draft).

This unique resource will help you ensure the success of your translation projects!


Translation standards.

A new translation standard.

ASTM F2575-06 Standard guide for quality assurance in translation

ASTM F2575-06 Standard guide for quality assurance in translation.

Publication date: 2007.

Language: English.

Price: $41.

Other translation standards.









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